Hello, I’m Fernanda.

If you’re anything like me, you love fashion, discovering new and inspiring looks that allow you to express yourself,

and you don’t want to break the bank to look incredible on a daily basis.

Fashion is a word that holds so many meanings: for me, and for many of us, it is much more than just clothing. 

It’s about confidence, expression and being unafraid to show the world our uniqueness

and personality.

I realised early on that life is what we make of it, and that we can do anything we want if we put their minds to it.

From humble beginnings in Brazil, I was inspired by my two older sisters to travel and see more of the world.

I moved to Italy where I lived for some time and was captivated by the country’s beauty and innate flare for style.

Italy is the birthplace of some of history’s most admired fashion designers,

and a unique mindset when it comes to food, self-expression and culture.

Today, I am the proud owner of my own fashion business -

C'est La Vie - inspired by the journeys I’ve taken and the people I’ve met along the way.

Fashion for Everyone

C’est la Vie is all about celebrating life - wherever you’re from and bringing together universal values

with on-trend fashion for everyone, worldwide.

C’est la Vie has its roots deep in the vibrant culture of Brazil and

is inspired by the style and energy of classic European fashion.

The result is a rich collection of unique pieces that are both beautiful, contemporary and affordable.

We’re not about the elite, exclusive side of the fashion industry: this goes against everything I believe and love about fashion.

I feel that everyone has a right to express themselves and to wear fabulous clothes that they love,

and we shouldn’t have to break the bank to achieve this.

Your creative journey starts here.

Giving A Little Back

Part of the profit from C’est La Vie goes straight back to Brazil,

Fernanda’s home country, in the form of a donation to a Brazilian charity that helps educate children.

The world truly is our oyster, and if we give just a little back to it,

we can all make the world a better place.

Express yourself and feel confident, strong and independent with fashion from C’est la Vie, because that’s what women are all about.